Energy Efficient LED Solutions

Our LED lighting solutions offer dramatically improved illumination while providing a substantial energy cost reduction.

Our Products are UL & DLC compliant

  • 100, 150, 200 hi-bay LED fixtures with lumen output ranging from 14K-30K, available in 3K, 4K, 5K Kelvin temperatures.
  • LED tubes to replace flourescent lights, available as direct retrofit with no ballast change or direct wire connection.
  • LED panels to replace existing flourescent fixtures or for new construction.

Hi Bay




Millennium Lighting

We have worked for years bringing cost effective, clean, bright lighting to Jewelers across the nation. While working with them and researching new products, we realized the need for cost effective, energy efficient lighting goes way beyond Jewelry Stores. Almost every building and warehouse has expensive, heat producing lights that do not light the work area as well as our LED products will and the cost to use older, less efficient lighting just takes money off your bottom line.

So, if you are concerned about your energy costs and your worker productivity, give us a call and we will help you understand how our products can start helping you right away. That's right, many of our products are available as direct replacement for your existing electrical setup.

Let us help you sharpen your bottom line without the hassles of remodelling.

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We're your full service lighting distributor!

LED 4' & 8' tubes, INSTAfit and direct wired
full line of LED floodlights
dimmable LED panels
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